We all know that a mirror is a functional and decorative way to furnish a room. The right mirror can provide a stunning finishing touch to an area, just as long as the glass used is appropriate. Mirror glass is slightly different to that used in traditional glazing.

Normal glass is used to see through, rather than reflecting an image back. Mirror glass is designed to show reflections upon it, and is constructed with a layer of aluminium coating. These layers are then sealed with specialist paints for enhanced safety and strength.

Mirrors are most widely used in the bathroom, living room and hallway of a home – as well as for dressing tables and wardrobes.

If you have cracked your mirror it is likely to be much more cost-effective to replace the pane of glass rather than purchase a new mirror outright. A cracked mirror can be highly dangerous too, so don’t delay in replacing one.

Our High Quality Mirrors

At Q Glass Services we have supplied high quality float and safety glass for homeowners to use in their mirrors, as well as cutting glass for use in commercial mirrors, such as in restaurants, schools, bars, nightclubs, gyms, dance studios and commercial bathrooms.

We can safety back our mirrors too, which adds an extra layer of durability and resistance – making them particularly attractive to the commercial and construction sectors.

Our mirrors are available in a variety of thickness - from 3mm to 6mm - and can be created to fit the dimensions that you require, resulting in a mirror that is a perfect fit for your space.

For more information on all of Q Glass Service's from being a window supplier to providing mirror for commercial & domestic purpose, to our quality glazier services please get in touch either via the website or give us a call.

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